This is a work that resembles a spaceship coming back from space to a sad planet, as if it were returning pieces of a time of its authentic history, full of lost lyricism, swallowed by the divisive mediocrity from progressively decaying shipwrecks, gradually diluting its human, poetic and aggregator color, which built the culture and identity of a wealthy and extravagant with beauty people.
The young Marcos Braccini, who besides being a schooled musician is a lover of Brazilian music atavism, combines the richest forms of Brazilian popular music in this work, going deep down to the depths of their melodic, harmonic and rhythmic origins, with the aid of arrangements permeated with erudition in the right measure, without extrapolating the periphery of the songs, reaching the transcendental greatness of our poetic lyricism, and he manages to bring together, in the company of his poets partners, in amazing harmony, an extraordinary piece for our current times.
It seems like a spaceship navigated by Villa-Lobos with Tom Jobim, Vinicius, Pixinguinha, Noel, Orestes Barbosa and others as flight attendants landed in Belo Horizonte and dropped their disciples Marcos Braccini, his partners and the arranger Rafael Martini, with the mission to restore the true paths of our music. An almost impossible mission, but may the winds of change take this beautiful work to the ears of our people, serving as an example for new Brazilian talents to resume the real universe of our culture.
It is a piece for standing ovation.

Sergio Ricardo, 12/10/2013

Tracks (lyrics and credits)

  1. Noturno (Nocturne)
  2. Moto-Contínuo (Moto-continuous)
  3. Espera (Awaiting)
  4. The Bay
  5. Lua Incerta (Uncertain moon)
  6. Última Paisagem (Last landscape)
  7. Samba do Perdão (samba of forgiveness)
  8. Mãos Vazias (Empty hands)
  9. Pra Não Chorar (Not to cry)
  10. Canto Vazio (Empty chant)



Support: Livraria Leitura, Constar.

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