Noturno (Nocturne)



The overture song presents and summarizes the entire album proposal. It unites the boldness of its arrangements, the stripping of its melody, the poetry of its lyrics and its almost contemplative harmony. It is the perfect balance of tradition and experimentation, erudite and popular, of strong instrumentation with melodic softness, of tension with melancholy. Nocturne is serene abandonment and consciousness of desire. In its conflicts, this track anticipates the whole atmosphere of the album. The attention given to the arrangement and the simplicity of its conception reveal both the novice and mature artist, conscious of his possibilities and challenges.
Nocturne quotes and recreates references such as of the “cursed” and genius Nick Drake, rescued from the ghosts that led to his early death, and the classical preludes, full of romanticism and emotion, with a cell that repeats itself and gradually is intensified of meaning. But it is also integrated with the Brazilian music tradition of Tom Jobim and contemporary music, joining the piano’s harmony and strings, sometimes dissonant, sometimes quiet and reflective. It is a presentation, a call, a forerunner of what the album will offer.


Noturno (Nocturne)

(Sidney Porto, Marcos Braccini, Pedro Braccini)

Meu pesar
não tento esconder
não tem por quê

Por cantar
não tenho amanhecer
não vou mais esperar
pelo amor
pelo dia que não vi nascer
e que jamais se anunciou
aos meus olhos de sol
de solidão

em cada anoitecer
os lábios teus

o tempo surpreender
as horas recusar
desdenhar cada instante em que
você jamais se revelou
aos meus olhos de sol
de solidão


Marcos Braccini          voice and string arrangement intro
Rafael Martini          arrangement and piano
Quarteto Taron:
Frank Hämmer          violin 1
Jovana Trifunovic          violin 2
Katarzyna Druzd          viola
Lina Radovanovic          cello