Última paisagem (Last landscape)

Última paisagem

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This song signs a subtle but important change in the landscape of Noturno. It is the passage of a more intimate, experimental mood, full of contemporary and universal influences to a sequence of songs with more Brazilian sounds and rhythms, although no less elaborate, always seeking to work new sound layers that reveal other harmonies, textures and meanings.

To summarize this passage, the music has two moments, two positions. In its first part, played by Marcos Braccini, it presents a kind of Baroque recitative, deconstructing rhythm and harmonic grounds, which sustains its almost humble melody with a unusual dialogue of strings and accordion; striking and tense. And it is completed in a second brighter part, with flutes, guitars and the special guest Luiz Gabriel from the Graveola group coming into play. As in the entire album, the transition is smooth and unbroken, although it clearly reveals the contrast between two arrangement possibilities and treatment of the song, also underlined by slight changes in lyrics. It’s almost a game proposed to the listener to find out the evolution inside the album coherence and proposal. “Last landscape”, which could be content to be simply a beautiful “choro-canção”, welcomes different languages​ ​and interferences, without losing the Brazilianness.


Última paisagem (Last landscape)
(Marcos Braccini, Luiz Gabriel Lopes)

Minha rima é de lágrima
lástima e alegria
última paisagem do sol
do fim do dia

Minha pena é dilacerar
em espera e agonia
a minha coragem que é só
o que em mim havia

Tantas foram as horas
que eu nem sei de cor
meu coração perdeu a cor
perdi o chão
e a distração fez desbotar a poesia

Respiro o pó (respiro o sol)
e as cinzas frias
minha oração
reparo em ti
e o teu olhar (e o meu olhar)
no meu olhar (no teu olhar)
é nostalgia


Marcos Braccini          voice
Luiz Gabriel Lopes          voice
Rafael Martini          arrangement e accordion
Carlos Walter          acoustic guitar
Alexandre Andrés          flute
Quarteto Taron:
Frank Hämmer          violin 1
Jovana Trifunovic          violin 2
Katarzyna Druzd          viola
Lina Radovanovic          cello